Monster High Is Getting A New Video Game

Mattel has made significant strides in recent months with the success of their Barbie movie, and now they are venturing into the world of video games. They have announced new partnership with developer Outright Games to create a series of video games based on their most popular toy franchises.

The first game to be announced was a Barbie game, which came as no surprise given the enduring popularity of the iconic doll and her numerous previous video game adaptations. This announcement was expected by many fans who eagerly follow Barbie’s ventures into digital entertainment. However, the next game on the list took everyone by surprise: Monster High: Skulltimate Secrets. This addition caught the attention of both long-time Monster High enthusiasts and those new to the franchise, sparking curiosity and excitement about what fresh adventures and spooky fun the game would bring. The juxtaposition of these two very different franchises highlighted the diverse range of titles set to capture the interest of various gaming audiences.

Monster High is one of the doll brands owned by Mattel. A Wall Street Journal article stated that in the years leading to the production of Monster High, Mattel had an interest in creating a new doll brand. in other words, they decided they wanted to appeal to tween girls. Mattel’s research showed that girls generally grew out of Barbie dolls. during those ages and wanted to capture the market for young girls who pretended to be a little more mature.

There have already been plenty of Monster High video games, such as Ghoul Spirit, 13 Wishes, and New Ghoul in School, but it has been almost a decade since Monster High has been on a console. The last game was released back in 2015. This gap is notable, especially considering Monster High has gained renewed popularity since the doll’s relaunch in 2022.

Monster High has always been an appealing brand, so it’s no surprise that the franchise is being reinvigorated with a new video game. Although there’s not much information available about the game at the moment, fans are excitedly anticipating a fabulous and spooky experience.

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