Ubisoft Hacked For Over 900 Gigabytes Of Data But Quickly Recovers

The end of this has been very tumultuous for many studios regarding hacks and leaks of their servers and future game information. Most notably the Insomniac hack that caused Insomniac staff to have their information leaked to the public and huge portions of the studios future titles. Well another major studio was recently attacked, that being Ubisoft. Was attacked 3 days ago by an unknown hacker group that was attempting to steal over 900 Gigabytes of data from the studio, the hacker had access for around 48 hours before the team realized. The hacking group was most likely attempting to ransom the data for money if successful, much like last year’s GTA 6 leaks and this past week’s Insomniac hack. Luckily Ubisoft’s cyber security team were quick to act and got rid of the “threat actor” as soon as they could. It seems that studios may need to invest more into their cyber security or adapt to new methods in information theft. 

Surprisingly the hacker seemed to be looking for specific information regarding Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, one of Ubisoft’s best multiplayer titles. The hacker was able to peek into much of the Ubisoft teams information and programs such as Microsoft teams, and SharePoint. The security team has affirmed people that nothing was successful in the hack though as they mention that there is no cause for concern. 

One topic of conversation from this newest hack is how Ubisoft plans to take action against the offender or offenders. Looking back at just the other day when the GTA 6 hacker was sentenced to life in hospital prison, it seems that the justice system is making strides to make harsher punishments to these crimes. Even if punishments get harsher it’s important for these studios, big or small, to start investing in bigger and better cybersecurity. 

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