#BLUD, A Hyperkinetic 90’s Cartoon-Style Dungeon Crawler, Is Now Available

Humble Bundle and developer Exit 73 Studios’ hyperkinetic 90’s cartoon-style action, zany, animated dungeon crawler, #BLUD has launched and is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Exit 73 Studios is a team of creators with a passion for traditional hand-drawn 2D illustration and animation, the joyous and jubilant cartoons of the modern era, and game development.

#BLUD follows Becky Brewster, the new kid in town who comes from a long and ancient bloodline of spellcasting vampire hunters. When the town starts to get overrun by the undead, it’s up to Becky to go to work, rooting out demonic infestations through the town’s buzzing social media, and taking selfies with demonic forces to analyze their weaknesses. Over the course of the game, Becky will power up her trusty fiend-thwacking field hockey stick, level up latent magic skills through grimoires and school supplies. Alongside an eclectic cast of hilarious characters, Becky will teach the vampires a thing or two about messing with Carpertersville High.

#BLUD’s key features include the delightfully macabre cast of outrageously mutated animals and empirically possessed townsfolk with epic, energetic boss battles. The ability to hunt the forces of evil all across town from high school halls, convenience store aisles, and shopping malls. Becky can discover and accept missions from the town’s social media, and track down evil (and other after-school plans) with modern tech.


As the new kid in town, freshman life is fast-paced, even more so when you come from an ancient bloodline of vampire hunters. Becky will assist and befriend a comic cast of quirky characters and memorable classmates as she finds her place as a teenager in the world of #BLUD.

Upgrades for Becky’s trusty vampire-slaying field hockey stick include handy attachments like a grappling hook, shovel, and umbrella shield.

Becky can research the demonic legions through means archaic and new. She can translate her family’s mystic grimoire, and snap selfies with monsters to tag their strengths and weaknesses.

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