Basketball Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Sports

Sportsnaut reports that WNBA ratings have been increasing since 2021, driven by the expanding fan bases of powerhouse teams such as the Las Vegas Aces and New York Liberty. This kind of fan base has sparked interest within Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Sports, the successor to the overwhelmingly popular Wii Sports series, made its debut in 2022. Although the initial reception was somewhat lukewarm, with fans feeling that the game fell short of the high expectations set by its predecessor, Nintendo has shown a strong commitment to enhancing the experience.

They have diligently worked to address feedback and expand the game through a series of free updates. For instance, a few months after its release, they introduced golf, a beloved sport from the original series. In keeping with this trend of continual improvement and expansion, Nintendo announced during their Nintendo Direct event that another exciting update is on the horizon. This summer, players can look forward to the addition of basketball, bringing even more variety and enjoyment to the game.

While it obviously wasn’t the biggest highlight of the Nintendo Direct event, the announcement of the upcoming basketball update for Nintendo Switch Sports has certainly sparked conversations among fans. Reactions have been mixed, with some fans expressing excitement and others feeling a bit surprised by the addition. Among the various discussions, Reddit user dastufishsifutsad voiced curiosity about why basketball wasn’t included in the initial lineup of sports.

They pointed out how basketball seems like a natural fit for the game, suggesting it could blend elements of volleyball and soccer, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for players. This observation has resonated with many in the community, who see the potential for basketball to add a fresh, exciting dimension to Nintendo Switch Sports. The anticipation around this update highlights how even smaller announcements can generate significant interest and speculation within the gaming community, underscoring the enduring appeal of Nintendo’s titles.

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