Larian Studios Expanding With 7th Studio in Poland

On May 20th, 2024 in an official post on X, Larian Studios announced that they were starting development on “two very ambitious RPGs”. Thus, Larian announced their seventh studio, appropriately titled Larian Studios Warsaw, which is based in Warsaw, Poland. Larian’s other studios are based in Barcelona (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Gent (Belgium), Guildford (England), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Quebec (Canada). The studio’s main headquarters is located in Ghent, Belgium.

Larian Studios will also have a booth at Digital Dragons, a European game developer and digital entertainment convention from May 20th to May 21st. At that booth, Larian will have more information about the studio and its job openings.

On Larian’s official site, Larian Studios Warsaw is hiring for writers, tools programmer, gameplay scripter, producer, gameplay programmer, engine programmer, graphics programmer, and RPG designer. There is also an open application, which studios tend to have for people to apply so if a role opens, the studios can pick through the backlog of applications.

Larian Studios is best known for developing role-playing video games, though the studio has also worked on educational and casino games.  Founded by Swen Vincke in 1996, the studio would go on from its educational and casino roots to develop RPGs. Though its repertoire is broad, Larian is best known for developing Baldur’s Gate 3 (2023), which won Game of the Year in the 2023 Game Awards among other awards, as well as the Divinity series. After the commercial success of Baldur’s Gate 3, the studio decided to pivot away from any DLC or any further work on the Baldur’s Gate IP, nor would they choose to pursue a project related to Divinity: Original Sin. Instead, the studio announced they would work on a project unrelated to Wizards of the Coast’s D&D or the Divinity: Original Sin IP. 

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