Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Officially Announced, Coming 2024

Last week, Warhorse Studios, developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance revealed that they were set to officially announce its next title. There were leaks and reports that Warhorse’s next title would be sequel to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Today, Warhorse made things official by officially announcing Kingdom Come: Deliverance II.

In the first game, players assumed the role of Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Thrust into a raging civil war, Henry watches helplessly as invaders storm his village and slaughter his friends and family. After narrowly escaping the brutal attack, Henry decides to grab a sword and fight back to avenge the death of his parents and help repel the invading forces.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, Henry’s story continues. Now a trusted member of the rightful king’s allies, Henry is sent to escort Sir Hans Capon on a diplomatic mission. After they are ambushed and nearly killed, the two young men embark on a series of perilous adventures, putting their skills, character, and friendship to the ultimate test.

As with the first game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is set in an open-world Medieval Europe that is 2 times bigger than the first game and is also grounded in reality and is authentic as possible. The game features the same authentic first-person combat where players will feel the clash of steel and visceral combat as they engage in thrilling real-time battles. The game features a range of authentic weapons and combat styles to suit every player. Players can specialize in elegant sword mastery, brutal blunt weapons or deadly ranged attacks on foot, horse, or by stealth.

The authentic rendition of 15th Century Bohemia allows players to experience the setting like never before. Players can get lost in a sprawling city, engage with peasants, and talk with nobles while exploring a vast and rich countryside with taverns, bath houses, castles and more.

There are unique activities such as blacksmithing and archery that Henry can partake in. The actions that the players take shape Henry’s destiny and how the world reacts to him. Players can customize Henry’s appearance, skills, and equipment while taking a moral stance on the events around him. This world will remember your action forever.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is set to launch in 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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