Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Fix Announced

After many weeks of issues for Xbox players, Larian Studios has announced that Xbox has found the issue and will be delivering a firmware update for players. In a later post, the developers said they couldn’t independently verify this, but are confident in Microsoft’s abilities. This update comes after many disappointed Xbox players voiced their problems to Xbox and Larian Studios. The biggest issue has been that the game, Baldur’s Gate 3, loses all of the player’s saves after a loss of power to the console. This left players having to completely restart their progress on their games, even if they already had hard saves on the console.

While a fix for Xbox is in sight, PlayStation 5 players have been left in the dark with the issues they have been dealing with. The forums are still filled with issues of crashing and being unable to save. Someone in a post stated that “Hotfix 16 is out, Support told me this should fix the bug.
Nothing happened, still unable to save the game, so it is still unplayable.” There is no word from Larian Studios or PlayStation about this issue.

Patches and HotFixes keep coming out for this game. The console version has not been doing well because of these issues. Many players are wanting refund due to the game not being playable. The most recent update HotFix #16 has many changes made including modded saves no longer being able to sync because console players are unable to access them. In total, six crashes are reportedly fixed with this update. The overall list of fixes and updates is very long and extensive.

Larian Studios seems to be making an attempt to fix the issues within the game that are coming up. Players are still understandably upset with all of these issues arising with Baldur’s Gate 3.

Rachel Painter: Rachel Painter is a college student at Valparaiso University majoring in Digital Media Arts with a minor in Journalism. She enjoys playing more casual video games such as farming simulators or city builders. Her all time favorite game is Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.
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