Super Chibi Knight Devs Are Dad, Daughter


Upcoming Chibi Knight sequel-Super Chibi Knight is being developed by indie team Nick Pasto and daughter Bella, who is 8 years old.  Nick does the programming and game design, Bella does concept art, voice acting and indirectly edits NPC dialogue by letting dad know when it gets boring. Most of all, she provides is an inspiration to Nick to offer a game play experience that broadens the idea of gender equality of game characters. The original Chibi Knight featured a main hero whose face was obscured by a helmet, but was voiced by a female.

That is of course, reminiscent of Samus-the hero of the Metroid games.  Gamers since 1987 have kicked butt to vanquish the MotherBrain, only to learn that the butt kickings were meted out by a female.

Why is this important to you, uber gaming person? Because, more than likely you are a mature gamer and may have young’uns soon, if you don’t already. Girl young’uns perhaps. You will play video games with them. They need examples of their gender succeeding.  This game is boy and girl friendly.

The original and Super Chibi Knight celebrate a retro art style and also are 2D scrollers (just like mom used to make, wait…what?). Currently the Steam Greenlight project is accepting votes for Super Chibi Knight. Get on over and vote here.

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